Jule’s Brie Club

Brie Platter.jpg

Welcome to the club!

We are very excited to start a club that will bring you your choice of Cashew Brie Cheeses every month. In addition to monthly Brie delivery, you will have access to new products and cheeses first. We will also be creating new recipes that will be available to members. We are passionate to create a community of people to help spread the word about non-dairy cheese and to expand peoples expectations of vegan cheese.

How It Works:

  • Choose any combination of 4 Brie.

  • Club Schedules: Club packages ship on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Clubs orders placed before the 3rd Tuesday of the month will ship the same month. Orders placed after the Third Tuesday will begin shipment the following month.

  • Free Shipping for club members - 2 day shipping from USPS.

  • You can cancel anytime. Orders canceled after the 1st Tuesday of the month will be cancelled for the the following month.