How long do Jule’s Foods products last?

All Jule’s Foods products are perishable and must be stored in refrigeration. The “best by” date is on each container.

How long can I enjoy Jule’s Foods products after opening a container?

All Jule’s Foods products should be enjoyed by the “Best By” date on the container. Once opened, we recommend consuming within 7-10 days. 

Are your products vegan? Dairy free? 

All Jule’s Foods products are completely vegan. No animal products of any kind.  


Are your products gluten-free? 

Yes, Jule’s Foods products are gluten-free, however, they are manufactured in a plant that also processes wheat products. 


Are your products GMO free? 

Jule’s Foods products do not contain GMO’s and use organic cashews. 


Are your products soy free? 

Yes and No. We use Tamari Sauce (wheat free soy sauce)  in our French Onion Dip. All other products are soy free 


Is Jule’s Foods Organic? 

We strive to use organic ingredients wherever possible but our products are not certified organic. 


Are containers recyclable? 

Currently we use a plastic contain for #5 recycling. Check with your local waste management to find out if they recycle #5 curbside. Not sure? Check out this great website